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Experience the thrill of the unknown

Chloe Blue Diving Club is a boutique PADI resort located at JA The Resort in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We're on a mission to bridge the gap between the awe-inspiring underwater world and responsible exploration. 

Dive In, Dive Deep, Dive Responsibly

Every dive is not just an adventure; it's a call to action. With us, you'll discover the delicate balance of life below the surface and learn why we must protect it. Our hope is to inspire confidence, love, and a sense of responsibility for the underwater world.

Join us on a journey to explore, appreciate, and safeguard the treasures beneath the waves. Together, we'll be the change our oceans deserve. Are you ready to dive with purpose?

A scuba diver next to school of snappers

A passport to the underwater world


Educational and Fun
Programmes for Kids

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What sets us apart?

We believe in a world where the vibrant, fragile ecosystems of our oceans are not just observed, but cherished and protected. Our commitment is crystal clear: to safeguard the beauty beneath the waves and instill a sense of wonder, respect, and affection for the underwater realm.

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What our community has to say!

Looking for short Scuba Diving session just for a fun experience or refresher course like I did or as in to regularly brush up your skills, Chloe will be there in Dubai. I was off from Scuba for approx. 5 to 6 years and happened to be in Dubai for 2 weeks, thought... why not I get a refresher course there: I had gone through many info and webpages and finally settled with Chloe Blue. Seems this was the best decision I made for 2 weeks in Dubai. Definitely I regained my interest and curiosity towards Scuba and Marine Life, thanks all to Chloe. Don't know when I will be back in UAE again but if Covid19 gets easy, I will Def. Come back and continue my Scuba journey with her. Thank you once again!

5 Star rating from a client and diver

-Minjung Shienna Kim

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