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DAN Europe Insurance

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DAN Europe Insurance is a community of over 400,000 divers worldwide, who are united in their passion for diving and helping one another through thick and thin.


Happy and Safe Diver

DAN Europe Insurance offers a range of benefits for certified scuba divers, including access to emergency medical assistance and evacuation services, coverage for medical expenses related to diving accidents, and liability insurance for dive professionals.


Additionally, DAN Europe Insurance provides members with 24/7 dive-related medical advice and assistance, as well as access to a network of dive medicine experts. In the event of a diving accident, DAN Europe Insurance can provide peace of mind and financial protection, allowing divers to focus on their recovery without worrying about the cost of medical treatment or emergency evacuation.


Overall, DAN Europe Insurance is a valuable resource for certified scuba divers, offering comprehensive protection and support for all aspects of their diving experience.


For scuba diving trips in the UAE, it's essential to have comprehensive dive insurance. We recommend DAN Divers Alert Network insurance for its global coverage of any diving-related accidents. As a partner, we can book DAN insurance for you, including short-term coverage for one to seven days. With DAN, you'll have peace of mind during your diving adventures, knowing you're covered by a trusted brand with a focus on safety. As a proud supporter of DAN EU, Chloe Blue Diving Club encourages all UAE divers to sign up for yearly membership with the option to add diving and medical insurance.

This plan only covers divers in the United Arab Emirates. 

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Short Term Insurance Coverage

Medical evacuation in case of diving accident/injury to the nearest appropriate facility (including suspect DCI cases)
Total Cost for any diving emergency requiring medical evacuation

Emergency Medical Treatment

Emergency treatment of DCI and Diving related Injuries, including Hyperbaric Therapy and Hospitalization (including First Diving Emergency Medical Assessment and Hyperbaric Pressure Test in case of Suspect DCI)
€ 30,000.00

Specialized Medical Treatment
Necessary after a diving accident (early post acute care, incl. rehabilitation and post-traumatic stress treatment) - up to 30 days from date of incident and always in the country where the diving accident took origin.
€ 1,500.00

Search & Rescue Expenses
following diving activity only incl. cave diving
€ 10,000.00

Permanent Disability
in case of diving related accident
€ 5,000.00

Extra Hotel & Travel Costs
in case of disruption of travel plans following an indemnifiable diving accident
€ 1,000.00

Return to Hotel/Resort
Following medical evacuation and hospitalisation as a result of a diving accident
€ 1,000.00

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