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PADI Re-Activate - Refresher Course

PADI ReActivate - Refresher Course

Let's get you safely back into the water!

This course is for those that want to re-gain their confidence before they dive back into the ocean. If you've taken a break from scuba diving (more than six months) than the refresher course is a must! The half-a-day programme will refresh your knowledge on handling equipment and basic skills. If you haven't dove in a while, it's quite easy to forget the basics such as; mask clearning, regulator removal and recovery or the out-of-air scenarios. In addition, we'll review your buoyancy and trim to makes sure that your scuba diving is at it's best.

Typical Schedule: 

  • Independent PADI eLearning (One Hour)

  • Day One: Swimming Pool Session (30 minutes) /

  • (Optional) Two Boat Dives in Fujairah or Musandam (3-4 Hours)


If you're heading to a luxurious dive location and want to save time on holiday - get a refresher before you go!


Join us for a two dive trip in Fujairah and practice your skills whilst enjoying the beautiful tropical marine life


Let us give you a refresher course in Dibba, Musandam, Oman. Explore stunning coral reefs and if you're lucky spot a whaleshark!

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