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Corporate Events

Unite, Explore, and Preserve: Team Building through Ocean Conservation

Welcome to our team building and corporate social responsibility (CSR) events page, centered around the power of the ocean. Our mission is to educate on our world's fragile marine ecosystems. Through our team workshops, we aim to inspire confidence and foster a deep love for the underwater world.


By participating in our team building events, you'll not only strengthen the bonds within your team but also make a positive impact on the environment. Our programmes combine adventure, education, and meaningful actions, leaving lasting impressions on participants.

Our Activities

We understand that every team has its unique dynamics, goals, and preferences. That's why we specialize in providing tailored team building experiences that suit your style. Whether your team thrives on adventurous challenges, creative collaborations, or educational pursuits, we design our programmes to align with your specific needs.


From exciting underwater activities to engaging workshops and interactive games, we carefully curate each experience to ensure it resonates with your team's personality and objectives. Our goal is to create a customized team building journey that brings your team closer, fosters effective communication, enhances collaboration, and ultimately leaves a lasting positive impact.

Providing your team the opportunity to work together to remove trash from the ocean and help protect the environment.

Option 1 - Beach Clean Up

  • 1-2 hours

  • Marine debris talk and clean up briefing

  • 1 hour beach clean (location can be discussed)

  • Survey and report results

  • Final words and future intentions

  • Option 2 - Dive & Snorkelling Clean Up In Dubai

  • 2-3 hours

  • Marine debris talk and ocean clean up briefing

  • One hour dive or snorkel clean up

  • Survey and report results

  • Final words and future intentions

  • Life below water

    Option 3 - Dive & Snorkelling Clean Up in Fujairah

  • Full day or half day

  • Dhow or speed boat option available

  • Lunch provided for full day

  • One dive or snorkel clean up

  • Survey and report results

  • Final words and future intentions

  • Purposeful InnovatorsYour Neuro Coach and Chloe Blue Scuba Diving thank Dr Isabel Rimanoczy for her incredible support, generosity and encouragement to extend her valuable work to the dive industry.

    Learning Objectives

    • Define Citizen Scientist

    • Define Carbon and its impact on our eco-system

    • Use a food carbon calculator to conduct a scientific investigation of carbon and its footprint from 1 meal – lunch!

    • Differentiate between food types that have a low versus a high carbon footprint

    • Pledge to choose more of 3 types of low-carbon footprint foods.


    • Introduction to the topic and run through the definitions and benefits of citizen science.

    • Group to use the carbon food calculator and calculate their lunch.

    • Group to share their scores and food and organise themselves in a low-to-high line-up.

    • Roll out the Food for Thought Pledge Scroll!

    • Student to design their Lunch score, and below (having learned from the group) they write their 3 pledges for lower carbon lunches.

    • Monthly check-in to see how many kept their Pledge.

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