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Female Scuba Diver
Dive With Phil
Enriched Air Nitrox with Friends
Oli in Musandam
Community Dive in Fujairah
Laughing with friends

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Be one with the ocean and join our diving membership

If you're a scuba diver looking for a supportive community to join, look no further! Our dive club is incredibly active and welcoming, meeting weekly with members of all ages and skill levels. We're proud to provide a friendly environment that supports new and developing divers, while also fostering a strong social scene where everyone can just have fun.

Our club offers three levels of membership, with prices excluding any fees for third-party expenses like site access, food, travel, and parking. When you join, there's a one-time fee of 150 AED in addition to your regular membership dues. Once you've paid both the joining fee and your first month's/year's membership fees, you'll receive a Chloe Blue T-shirt or water bottle as a welcome gift.

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Discover the Rewards of Membership

Take a look at our membership tiers

If you want to benefit from exclusive discounts and deals, we offer several tiers of premium memberships. Of course, you can cancel at any time and there are no hidden fees ever.

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