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Chloe Blue Scuba Diving Club was set up in 2020 by Chloe Griffin, a certified PADI Open Water Scuba Diving Instructor. Located in Dubai, UAE, Chloe has more than 20 years of experience exploring the magnificent ocean.

Chloe Blue is associated with Azraq, the leading marine conservation NGO in the UAE, aspiring to create and inspire individuals to cherish the ocean and make positive daily changes.

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Tel: +971 58 587 0521

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Mental Health

Meet New Friends

Scuba Diving is a great way to meet new friends that share the same passion for the ocean

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Mental health

Gain Confidence

Complete courses that challenge you and pick up new skills that broaden your horizons. 

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Explore a new world

Visit new places and discover new marine life and dive sites that only a small % of the world get to see.

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Fitness / Mental Health

Improve Fitness

Carrying tanks and weights, going for long dives is a cardio and weight gain winner! 

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Scuba Diving Course

Mission Statement

Chloe was fortunate to start scuba diving at 10 years old. Through the years, she has climbed up the PADI ladder and gained self-confidence, ocean appreciation and the opportunity to see marine life in their natural habitat. Her mission is to inspire and educate individuals to experience the same passion and excitement through her ocean journey. 


Our vision is to not only create confident scuba divers, but to build long-lasted friendships through a shared passion of diving and ocean conservation.