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Discover the Underwater Paradise of Artificial Reef | Dibba, Fujairah

Discover the Underwater Paradise of Artificial Reef | Dibba, Fujairah

Zainab Wreck, Dubai
(Formerly The Seasroun Five)

The Zainab, originally named the Seasroun Five, was a general cargo ship operating under a Georgian flag. In 2001, it was intercepted while illegally transporting light fuel oil from Iraq. To avoid being boarded by the US Navy, which was enforcing UN sanctions, the crew deliberately sank the ship. This act resulted in a significant oil spill, causing environmental concerns, especially near a local gas processing plant. The wreck now lies at 30 meters and has become a vibrant marine habitat.

Marine Life


Since its sinking, the Zainab Wreck has been colonized by a diverse array of marine species:

Fish Species: Yellow snappers, barracudas, and batfish are common.
Other Marine Life: Look out for large rays resting on the seabed, and shoals of juvenile fish darting in and out of oyster-covered surfaces.


Habitat: The wreck is carpeted with small oysters, and various fish use the ship's structures for shelter and feeding.
Dive Plan

Descend along the buoy line to the wreck, ensuring equalization and checking your depth gauges frequently.

Start at the bow, where you’ll often find yellow snappers around the masts.
Move towards the midsection to observe the converted holds and the bridge.
Near the bridge and wheelhouse, keep an eye out for batfish congregating.
Circle the wreck to see barracudas and possibly large rays resting on the seabed.
Safety Stops:

Begin your ascent in plenty of time to complete a safety stop at 5 meters for 3 minutes to off-gas.

Surface slowly and safely, keeping an eye on your dive buddy and surroundings.
Safety Considerations
Certification: Ensure all divers are at least PADI Advanced Open Water certified or equivalent.
Equipment: Use a dive computer, and carry a surface marker buoy (SMB).
Buddy System: Stay close to your dive buddy and maintain regular communication through hand signals.
Currents: Be aware of potential currents, especially when exploring the upper sections of the wreck.
Environmental Protection: Avoid touching or disturbing marine life and the wreck to preserve the habitat.
Final Notes
Brief History Reminder: The Zainab’s illicit past adds an element of intrigue to the dive, enhancing the overall experience.
Marine Life Expectation: Be prepared for an abundance of marine life, making it a rewarding dive for underwater photographers and marine enthusiasts.
Respect the Wreck: Remember, this is both a historical site and a thriving ecosystem. Respect and preserve its integrity for future divers.
Enjoy your dive at the Zainab Wreck and immerse yourself in both its storied past and vibrant present!

30 meters

Max Depth

Average: 5 - 8 meters


18-35 C


45 minutes

Speed Boat

Advanced and Higher


A Vibrant Marine Sanctuary

Dive into the heart of the Artificial Reef to experience a bustling ecosystem teeming with life. From Trumpetfish to Arabian Angelfish, Lionfish to Anemonefish (Clownfish), you'll be surrounded by a kaleidoscope of colours and mesmerizing movements. Explore the crevices and edges of the reef to encounter Moray Eels and Stingrays gracefully gliding through the water.

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The Wreck's Hidden Secrets

The small fishing boat wreck acts as a haven for marine creatures seeking shelter and protection. Witness the beauty of one-spot snappers swimming in shoals around the wreck, their distinctive yellow tails adding splashes of color to the underwater landscape. Mackerel dart around the concrete hollow pyramids, while Batfish curiously approach divers, their silver bodies adorned with elegant black stripes.

A Dive for All

The Artificial Reef's maximum depth of 15 meters makes it an ideal spot for divers of all levels. Whether you're a novice or an experienced diver, this man-made wonderland promises a plethora of marine encounters and photo-worthy moments. Explore this underwater sanctuary with Chloe Blue Diving Club and immerse yourself in the beauty of Fujairah's artificial creation.

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