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Seagrass in UAE and the benefits to the ecosystem

Seagrass meadows are underwater habitats that form large underwater meadows or beds. They usually grow in shallow waters less than 5 meters deep, and they form an important part of our coastal ecosystems. Seagrass is an example of a marine plant that performs photosynthesis, meaning it uses sunlight to produce food through the process of carbon fixation.

Seagrasses are flowering plants that live in the sea, like mangroves, corals and algae. They are found in shallow waters where light can reach them. Seagrasses form a symbiotic relationship with microscopic algae called zooxanthellae which live in their tissues and gives them their green coloration and nutritional requirements.

They usually grow in shallow waters less than 5 meters deep.

You probably already know that seagrasses are found in shallow waters, less than 5 meters deep. However, did you know that they typically grow in nutrient-rich waters sheltered from waves and currents? The best conditions for seagrass growth are those which occur when there is calm weather and plenty of nutrients in the water…

Now that you understand how richly diverse our coastal marine environment is and how important it is to protect our oceans, why don’t you take a look a