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Dive into Marine Conservation: Exciting July Events for Women and Kids

Summer is here, and it's the perfect time to combine our love for adventure with a deep sense of responsibility towards the planet. We have two fantastic events lined up to make a splash! From empowering young minds to celebrating the achievements of women in diving, these events provide unique opportunities to learn, engage, and contribute to the protection of our oceans. Join us as we dive into the details of Marine Marvels, a thrilling kids' summer camp, and PADI Women's Day, an exciting day of reef check and marine debris surveys in Musandam.

PADI Women's Day: Empowering Women Divers for Reef Check and Marine Debris Surveys

Date: 16th July, 2023

Location: Musandam, Dibba


Attention all female diving enthusiasts! Get ready to make a difference on PADI Women's Day, a special event dedicated to celebrating women divers and contributing to marine conservation efforts. Embark on an exciting journey to Musandam, where you'll have the opportunity to participate in reef check (if reef check certified) and marine debris surveys. By collecting vital data and cleaning up our underwater habitats, you'll be directly involved in protecting and preserving the marine environment. Join this empowering day of diving, camaraderie, and making a positive impact alongside fellow women divers in Musandam.

Register by emailing us today.


Kids Summer Camp - Marine Marvels - Marine Conservation

Marine Marvels - Kids Summer Camp: Exploring Ocean Wonders and Promoting Conservation

Dates: Every Tuesday and Thursday in July & August

Age Group: 6-8 years old


Calling all young adventurers! Marine Marvels is an action-packed kids' summer camp designed to ignite a passion for the ocean and foster a sense of responsibility towards marine conservation. Through engaging activities, interactive games, and educational sessions, children aged 6-8 will dive into the wonders of the ocean. From discovering fascinating marine creatures to learning about the importance of reducing plastic waste, the camp will inspire young minds to become ambassadors for our precious marine ecosystems. Join us every Tuesday and Thursday in July for a summer filled with ocean exploration and conservation fun!

Register by emailing us today.

July offers extraordinary opportunities to engage with ocean conservation, whether you're a young explorer or a passionate female diver. Marine Marvels, our kids' summer camp, will empower children to become future stewards of our oceans through education and fun-filled activities. On PADI Women's Day, women divers can take part in reef check and marine debris surveys, actively contributing to the protection of our marine ecosystems. Let's join hands and make a splash for conservation this July!


To learn more and secure your spot for Marine Marvels or PADI Women's Day, email us today. Let's inspire young minds and celebrate women in diving while making a meaningful impact on our oceans. Together, we can create a brighter future for marine conservation!

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