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Underwater Scuba Diving

PADI Deep Diver Certification

The deeper you go, the more you'll discover!

It’s thrilling to dive where only a small percentage of divers have been. This certification will allow you to explore deeper wrecks or marine life that like the dark and cold - this is for you. During the course you’ll be taught ascent rates, underwater are home to deeper depths. This maximum recreational depth limit of 40 metres, this is as deep as you can go in recreational scuba training. We run the course with senior instructors that give you a feel for the depth and pure excitement! 

During the course, you’ll learn 


- Proper ascent rates

- Underwater challenges

- Narcosis evaluation

- Safety equipment use

- Navigation of a dive site

Course starts at 1,399AED

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  • Bring or rent a dive computer (available to rent - 50AED) and ensure that you know how to use it before you go down!

  • Stay hydrated - this will reduce the risk of decompression sickness

  • Bring a torch (available to rent - 30AED), the deeper you go the darker it gets.

  • An appropriate wetsuit. As the temperature is cooler at depth because of the thermocline, a thicker wetsuit is recommended.


  • PADI Adventurer Diver

  • Minimum age - 15 years

How long?

  • Two to Three Days

Recommended equipment

  • Torch

  • Slate

  • Compass

Scuba Divers Deep Sea

What deep dive sites are there in the UAE?

There are several deep dive sites around the East Coast in the United Arab Emirates. In Fujairah, there are the three Inchcape Wrecks, Ruby Reef, Angel Reef, Purple Reef, Cauliflower Reef and Snoopy Deep Reef. About 40 minutes from Dubai, there’s also the option of visiting Zainab Wreck.

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