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Airplane Wreck in Ocean

PADI Wreck Diver Certification

Be an expert in wreck diving and a real explorer!

It is estimated that there are over three million shipwrecks worldwide! Less than 1% of these wrecks have actually been explored. However, there's not only millions of ships in the ocean, but planes, cars, motorbikes, jet skis and more! All wrecks come with a unique backstory which makes it even more interesting. We love identifying different parts of the wreck - like the toilets, galleys, port holes and engines.

Course starts at 1,499 AED

Drawing of a scuba diver

This course is for advanced divers that have exceptional buoyancy skills. If you'd like to improve your buoyancy before participating in this course, we recommend completing the Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty.


  • PADI Adventurer Diver

  • Minimum age - 15 years

How long?

  • Two Days

Recommended equipment

  • Dive Knife

  • Slate

  • Compass

  • Line & Reel

Scuba diver next to coral reef

Where's the best wrecks in United Arab Emirates?

There are 100s of shipwrecks across the United Arab Emirates - many of them still unexplored. On the UAE’s East Coast, there are three shipwrecks donated by a shipping company called Inchcape. They all vary in size and are intact with vibrant marine life now making these wrecks their home. Expect to see Honeycomb Moray Eels, Stingrays, Scorpion Fish, Lionfish and plenty more beautiful creatures.


Sunk in 2001, the wreck of Zainab (originally known as The Seasroun Five), is located off the coast of Dubai. This ship was once a transporter of oil, caught in an interception which led to her unfortunate sinking. The vessel now lays 30 metres deep. Marine life has taken over the ship, and homes several species of fish such as yellow snappers, barracudas, and batfish amongst others.

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