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What's holding females back from scuba diving?

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Scuba Diving is seen as a male-dominated extreme sport; with the notion of heavy tanks, complicated equipment and the overall fear of the unknown. Worldwide only 38% of PADI certifications went to females in 2018, even though this figure has grown, it’s still well behind.

Female Scuba Diving UAE

Warmer climates are more favourable for women divers compared to cool climates which may be a reason why the sport hasn’t gained momentum. With social media platforms such as Instagram, there are now beautiful lifestyle images which reflect sun-kissed hair, stunning coral reefs, fit and glamorous women in scuba gear and through this platform the sport has gained its popularity.

The wonderful thing about scuba diving is that there is a sense of freedom and independence. You can escape from the everyday stresses from being a mum, a manager, a colleague, a planner, a provider (the list goes on!!). Diving allows you to escape into the underwater world where you can listen to the meditative sounds of your breathing and the waves. It’s wonderful feeling not having the urge to pick up your phone and scroll through mindless social media posts.

There’s plenty of reasons why scuba diving is a good activity for females, especially if you’ve just moved to the UAE and looking for new and exciting things to do. What’s holding you back? If you’re still unsure and have a few concerns – we’ve listed a few Q&A’s from recent female open water divers!