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Introducing the Ocean Sisters Podcast

Chloe Blue is excited to announce the launch of 'Ocean Sisters' an inspirational podcast for ocean lovers. Released every Friday, Ocean Sisters will bring listeners and viewers alike on an ocean journey with guest speakers and co-hosted by Chloe Griffin and Elaine Froggett.

Whether you're a diver or a non-diver, this podcast will have something that will make you giggle whilst appreciating the importance of the ocean. The topics will cover everything ocean-related, from scuba diving tips and tricks, ocean conservation, and community activities to diving sites across the Arabian Gulf.

Remember to tune-in every Friday or on your way to diving trips over the weekend. The podcast will be available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube or directly on Chloe Blue Diver's website.

Ocean Sisters are looking for guest speakers to pass their knowledge and expertise on. If you're passionate about the ocean and have a story to share, please fill out this speaker request form.

To learn more about the co-hosts, please visit their Instagram page or click here to see their profile.


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