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Chloe Blue Diving Club is now open at Jebel Ali Resort!

Chloe Blue is now running all PADI Courses and Conservation programmes at JA The Resort. JA The Resort has all the facilities and environmental attractions to make this the perfect spot to begin scuba diving.

As a guest of Chloe Blue Diving Club, you'll be able to use the 5* facilities whilst you're doing your training. Beginner divers will start their training in the confined swimming pool to make them feel at ease. An advantage of the JA The Resort swimming pool is the different depths. At the start of your session, we'll start at the shallow end of the pool and by the end, you'll be going to a deeper depth of 3.5m.

Less than half a kilometre from shore, we've found three artificial reefs. The sunken reefs include concrete blocks, terracotta pots and a catamaran wreck. During these dives, you can expect to see yellow bar angelfish, snappers, groupers, sweetlips, goatfish, goby fish and more! The reefs are near each other and around 3-5 meters in depth - excellent for all dive levels.

JA The Resort is ‘Dubai’s Most Sustainable 5 Star Resort’, and this was a major attraction for the diving club. The resort situates next to The Jebel Ali Wildlife Sanctuary. A refuge for endangered species including; hawksbill turtles, green turtles, and eagle rays to seek shelter, food and breed. You'll often spot these endangered species near JA Resort.

Chloe Blue Diving Club will soon be conduct