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5 Health Reasons to Choose Scuba Diving

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

The combination of exploring the ocean, along with keeping physically and mentally fit, is one of the great reasons many choose to scuba dive. In this blog post, we’ll explain why scuba diving has a wealth of health benefits…

Ocean and Health


Scuba diving is known to be the ‘lazy man’ sport due to the slow movement of swimming underwater. As you’re moving through the water, scuba divers often feel they aren’t using much energy, once they surface though, you’ll feel the exhaustion. Scuba diving is a full-body workout using aerobic exercise through swimming and anaerobic exercise through lifting weights and tanks.

The water temperature plays an important role, according to PADI, temperatures under 27 degrees, you’ll lose up to 600 calories in an hour due to your body working harder to keep warmer. If you’re diving in the UAE, water temperatures can drop to 23 degrees in the winter months (November-March). For warmer sea temperatures, you’ll lose up to 300 calories in an hour which is still a fair amount.

Unlike swimming, we don’t use our hands, we control our movement through our legs and lungs, assuming buoyancy and trim is on point. Therefore the legs get a thorough workout using the quads, hamstrings, calves and ankles. You’ll often find that if you haven’t stretched, drunk enough water, tired or unfit, it’s common to experience a cramp underwater.


If you’re a new scuba diver, there’s still a lot to remember, this may increase stress and anxiety. Concentrating on taking slow deep breathes in-and-out throughout the dive, can enhance calmness and reduces stress levels.

Listening to your breathing is meditative, you are completely switched off from the world with no mobile phones or the daily grind of work, family, and friends. Once you’re relaxed underwater your concentration and mindfulness increases and you become more aware of your surroundings – enjoying exploring new aquatic life!


If you’re new to the UAE, scuba diving is a great way to make new friends and for all the single men and ladies out there – possibly a great love story! When you’re diving with new buddies you are putting your trust in them and ensuring you’re both looking out for each other. There’s much to talk about in ways of comparing dive sites and stories and comparing notes on what you saw underwater. Once you start sharing stories and building on your scuba diving knowledge, you’ll naturally feel more confident in scuba diving.

There are several Scuba Diving communities to be a part of in the UAE – it’s worth getting in touch with the Emirates Diving Association as they run monthly movie nights, conservation talks and other diving events.


In the UAE, the temperatures can reach up to 45 degrees (Hot!), you must stay well hydrated and apply sunscreen pre and post-dive.

However – there are plenty of benefits of the sunlight, its production of vitamin D promoting the absorption of Calcium and lowers blood pressure. Vitamin D strengthens your immune system and reduces the chance of getting sick. The sunshine also boosts your levels of serotonin, which is a chemical that you makes you happy =)

When purchasing sunscreen, check that it’s ‘reef-friendly’ as some lotions can damage coral and produce toxins for marine life. There is a brand new sunscreen that is locally made, reef and vegan friendly.


Diving in the sea is like diving in a magical mineral bath – it’s rich with magnesium, potassium, zinc, iodine, sodium, and iron. For those that suffer from sensitive skin or eczema, the sea helps absorb toxins in the body and promotes the healing process for any swelling, redness, dryness, itchiness, and cracking.

If you’ve got oily skin, the minerals in the salt help open pores for deep cleansing as well as encouraging blood flow. The sun and sea will help dry your skin, becoming clear.

If you’re interested in cultivating new friends, learning a new hobby, and benefiting from the physical and mental health impacts of scuba diving – get in touch today. We are running daily PADI courses and Dive Trips.

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