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10 remarkable marine creatures while SCUBA diving in the UAE

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

This article was updated 1st November, 2022

When planning a dive vacation, the UAE, seldom is a location on top of the list. Most would be surprised to learn that a few miles away from the skyscrapers, the deserts, and the hills, just below the waves is a thriving diversity of marine life. From sharks to nudibranchs, wrecks and a whole lot more. Even after years of exploring the oceans around the UAE, we still find new dive sites, and surprisingly; new and growingly common marine life in the region.

For this article, we’ll keep it simple, and take you through some of the most remarkable, yet common marine life you’d find while SCUBA Diving in the UAE.

1. Nudibranch

Nudibranch - Fujairah, UAE