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Diving in the Reef

PADI AWARE Fish Identification

Dive into the wonders of marine life and explore the depths of conservation.

Our PADI AWARE Fish Identification Speciality course is designed to teach you about the marine life in the UAE and how to identify fish species. By completing this course, you'll gain knowledge about marine biology, ecosystem health, and the importance of conservation. You'll also learn how to identify fish behavior, and how to contribute to preserving the underwater environment.

Our PADI AWARE Fish Identification Speciality course takes place in two locations: Jebel Ali Resort for shore dives and Fujairah for boat dives. Both locations offer unique diving experiences, with different marine life and underwater environments. At Jebel Ali Resort, you'll dive into the Arabian Gulf and explore the natural reefs and artificial structures. At Fujairah, you'll have the opportunity to explore coral reefs, wrecks, and other artificial structures.

Don't miss the opportunity to explore the marine life in the UAE while learning about marine biology and conservation. Book now by getting in touch with us via phone or email. Our friendly team is happy to answer any questions you may have and guide you through the booking process. Join us in our mission to promote sustainable diving practices and preserve the underwater environment.


Book your underwater adventure today and get a taste into marine biology - starting at 800AED 

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  • Buy a fish identification booklet. 

  • Get an underwater camera so you can remember the fish that move fast. 

  • Bring a dive slate and pencil so you can draw the shape of the fish


  • PADI Open Water Diver

  • Minimum age - 10 years

How long?

  • One Day - Two Dives

Recommended equipment

  • Torch

  • Slate / Pencil

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Experience the Rich Marine Life in the UAE

Dubai and Fujairah are blessed with a rich variety of marine life, with over 500 fish species inhabiting the region. Some of the fish species commonly found here include the Arabian angelfish, blue-spotted stingray, and blacktip reef shark. You'll have the opportunity to explore different underwater habitats, including coral reefs, wrecks, and artificial structures.

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