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A stingray discovered on a night dive

PADI Night Diver Certification

Discover new marine life and sounds!

Scuba diving at night is a completely different experience. You’ll hear unfamiliar noises and see different marine life and new characteristics. For instance, sea turtles are normally asleep under caves whilst moray eels may be out to hunt. If you’re fascinated by crustaceans, you’ll find crabs or lobsters coming out of their holes and scavenging.


The night dive can be a scary thought, but our friendly instructors will help ease those nerves. You’ll be trained on how to communicate using a torch underwater, knowledge on identifying marine life and how to navigate in the dark. There are three adventure dives you need to complete to be a certified night diver.

We can conduct this course in Dubai or Fujairah - please check the schedule here. 

Course starts at 899AED

Lighbulb image for ideas
  • Bring or rent a dive computer (available to rent - 50AED) and ensure that you know how to use it before you go down!

  • You'll get to see a variety of different marine life and if you listen carefully hear different sounds as well!


  • PADI Adventurer Diver

  • Minimum age - 12 years or older

How long?

  • Half day

Recommended equipment

  • Diving Torch

  • Dive Computer

  • Compass

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