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Scuba Lessons


A taster into becoming a certified scuba diver!


If your child is fascinated by the underwater world but is too young to take the PADI Junior Open Water Certification (10 years+) – then the PADI SEAL Team is the next step. This programme is aimed for 8 to 9 year old's and can be broken up to two mornings or a full adventure-packed day. The course is led by certified PADI Instructors that provide a safe and fun atmosphere for kids to grow and develop. The maximum depth will be four metres/12 feet

PADI SEAL Team Schedule:

Day One: 8:00am - 11:00am (Swimming Pool)
Day Two: 8:00am - 10:00am (Shallow Shore Dive - Dubai)


PADI Seal Team to Open Water Diver Course


If your child conducts AquaMissions 1-5, or assess skill mastery during AquaMission 5 – PADI Seal Team Skill Circuit, then PADI Seal Team members may get credit for completing Open Water Diver course Confined Water Dive 1. The conversion is valid for 12 months from the last AquaMission.


An Introduction to scuba diving in a swimming pool for 8-10 years of age


A certification to scuba dive to 12 meters at the start of 10 years old.


A certification for 12 year olds that have completed their PADI Jr. Open Water certification

Important Information for Parents

Scuba diving carries a lot of responsibility, we encourage parents to make a well-informed judgement of whether their child is ready before diving in. At Chloe Blue Scuba Diving safety and fun is paramount. We want your children to have a great time but also understand that scuba diving comes with risk. All our instructors have been trained in Emergency First Response Primary / Secondary Care for Children. For medical inquiries, please download the medical form or visit DAN Europe.

Here's why your child should learn scuba diving...
  • Scuba diving keeps children fit mentally and physically by toning muscles and developing their psychomotor skills

  • Encourages children to become aware of the environment and respect the marine life.

  • Promotes maturity and responsibility in children, by looking out for themselves and their buddies underwater

  • Increases self-esteem and a sense of achievement especially if your children have learning difficulties

  • Stimulates imagination and exploration by discovering new marine life and seeing them in their own habitats

  • Reinforces values ​​associated with teamwork, solidarity and camaraderie 

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